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What is JAVA?

Java is an object-oriented programming language (OOP) for Web browsers. It is organized around data rather than actions. Java is used for both server and client processing. Java was released in 1995 by Sun Micro Systems and later acquired by Oracle. Java is very similar to the popular C++ programming language. They both are object-oriented programming, using similar syntax and general forms for commands. However, Java is more secure since it doesn't support pointers, which hold the address of other variables. It emerged with more self - contained variables.

The Java platform is a suite of programs that facilitate developing and running programs written in the Java programming language. The platform is not specific to any one processor or operating system, rather an execution engine (called a virtual machine) and a compiler with a set of libraries are implemented for various hardware and operating systems so that Java programs can run identically on all of them.

Today, Java is in use by 5 million software developers and operates in 2.5 billion devices including PCs, mobile phones, smart cards, web cams, games, market simulators, and car navigation devices, just to name a few.

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Learn JAVA

Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering embedded and mobile applications, games, Web-based content, and enterprise software. With more than 9 million developers worldwide, Java enables you to efficiently develop, deploy and use exciting applications and services.

From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere!

  • 97% of Enterprise Desktops Run Java
  • 89% of Desktops (or Computers) in the U.S. Run Java
  • 9 Million Java Developers Worldwide
  • #1 Choice for Developers
  • #1 Development Platform
  • 3 Billion Mobile Phones Run Java
  • 100% of Blu-ray Disc Players Ship with Java
  • 5 Billion Java Cards in Use
  • 125 million TV devices run Java
  • 5 of the Top 5 Original Equipment Manufacturers Ship Java ME

JAVA Security

The Java platform provides a security architecture which is designed to allow the user to run untrusted bytecode in a "sandboxed" manner to protect against malicious or poorly written software. This "sandboxing" feature is intended to protect the user by restricting access to certain platform features and APIs which could be exploited by malware, such as accessing the local filesystem, running arbitrary commands, or accessing communication networks.

In recent years, researchers have discovered numerous security flaws in some widely used Java implementations, including Oracle's, which allow untrusted code to bypass the sandboxing mechanism, exposing users to malicious attacks. These flaws affect only Java applications which execute arbitrary untrusted byte code, such as web browser plug-ins that run Java applets downloaded from public websites. Applications where the user trusts, and has full control over, all code that is being executed are unaffected.

Why Appin
  • Java training in Appin Coimbatore is conducted by experienced trainer.
  • 70% Practicals + Projects & 30% Theory.
  • Interview assistance and Interview Coaching assistance.
  • For College students, Appin assists in academic projects and seminar / paper presentation.
  • Support after the course completion.
  • Free Brush up classes even after 1 year of course completion.
  • Internationally accredited Certificate (IADL, UK and USDLA, USA).


JAVA - Top Down Methodology

You will learn JAVA through Top Down Methodology i.e., You will be given with Real time Projects in Real JAVA Server and from there you will learn the below modules

  • Core JAVA
  • Servlet
  • JSP
  • EJB
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Spring
  • Java Mail
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Interview Coaching


2 Months
Regular batches: Monday – Friday – 2 hrs per day
Weekend Batches: Saturday / Sunday – 5 hrs per day

Job Opportunities

Java is Evergreen language in the Software Industry. Because of the highly secured Java is implemented in highest security domains which include mainly banking sector. Since Java is Open source software, many companies started developing applications using this software. There are plenty of jobs available for freshers and experienced professionals who are interested to start their career in Java field.

Appin Coimbatore conducts Java course which covers both Core Java & Advanced Java.

Appin Coimbatore is recognized JAVA training institute.

Core Java serves the basic learning of Programming in Java. This is best suited for beginners who want to explore what is Java. Advanced Java includes JSP Servlets, Hibernate, Springs, Struts, SQL etc., This is best suited for students or job seekers who want to start their career in Java language. Recruitment companies look for these modules in any one CV and if found and technically string, then Job is on your side.

Appin suggests both core java and advanced java for those who are looking for jobs in Java field.

Enterprise software company, Oracle(Parent Company of JAVA), recently said it would invest $400 million in India to build a new campus in Bengaluru apart from setting up incubation centres and training the students in computer science skills.

Unveiling the plan after a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Safra Catz, CEO of the California-headquartered company said the investments are aimed at supporting the country's Digital India and Skill India initiatives.


How much does a JAVA Developer in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu make ?

According to the average JAVA Developer salary in Coimbatore, TN is approximately Rs 15,634


Project Done By Students

S.NoStudent NameTechnology UsedProject Title
1. Sidharth PHP
2. Praveena PHP
3. Mohan Balaji PHP
4. Preethi PHP
5. Vimalraj PHP
6. Suresh PHP
7. Anitha PHP
8. Gajendran PHP
9. Santhosh Kumar PHP
10. Mentor-Boopathikumar Android
11. Nisha JAVA
12. Prabhadevi Rajan PHP
14. Nilafur NIsha.M PHP
15. Saranya PHP
16. Lotha PHP
17. B.Sathya Rubavathi PHP
18. Lotha PHP
19. KarthiKeyan Selvam PHP
20. S.Priyanka PHP
21. Divya PHP
22. Mohanraj PHP
23. Lakshminarayanan PHP
24. Swetha PHP
25. Siva Sakthi PHP
26. Siva Sakthi PHP
27. Radha kannan PHP
28. Radha kannan PHP
29. Kameshwaran PHP
30. Uma maheswari PHP