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We all have heard about the online reputation and digital marketing, but are not exactly aware about the importance of its role; it plays in building the online image of a brand. In today's busy world, everybody is depended on internet for everything. They try to find or locate everything on the internet which is the shortest method for them. This is here the internet reputation comes in picture.

Internet reputation management is the process which starts from the creation of the reputation of your brand or business among the society. Then it moves towards maintaining or recovering the same. Internet reputation can help you with so many opportunities for your brand to be knocked (social media, review sites, etc..).

To gain the online reputation, we adopt online marketing strategies. Online marketing involves different methods like E-mail marketing, SMS marketing, SEO, SMM, etc..


With growing Internet users across the world and in India, every company wants their products or services to be taken to the digital world. Increasing number of Mobile Internet users, prove that anything can sell or buy in Internet. With huge raise in digital world, every company needs Search Engine Analyst or Internet Marketing Analyst. Freelancers are required all over the world for this technology.


Appin Coimbatore has vast experience in real time Digital Marketing. Based on our projects done, this training program in Digital marketing was started. SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the majormodule which plays a key role in Digital Marketing. Every company need to maintain its reputation in Internet . Major training modules are: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertisement, Mobile Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, SMS Marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, Facebook Marketing, Linkedin Services.

Appins Digital Marketing training is for 1 month and 2 months completely on client projects.