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Appin Coimbatore conducts job oriented courses which makes career for Students, Job Seekers and also for working professionals. Skill gap between the Recruitment companies and the college is the main challenge for job seekers getting selected. College cannot teach Java, PHP, IT Security, Android etc., because each time different version and it is not so easy to update the syllabus with new technologies. College gives you a degree with skills which required studying any technology in future. So in order to gain latest technical knowledge and to get a good job in the IT Industry or in Core Industry, Appin Coimbatore plays an important role. We with our own Industry experience (1500+ employees working in Software Development), framed the syllabus using the latest technologies and deliver with Practicals and Projects to the students.

Recruitment companies look for the below technologies from the students:

Communication skills also play an effective role for you to shine during 30 minutes of Interview. Appin helps you in developing your communication knowledge as well. From 2014, IT Certification from any reputed training Institute helps students to get placed. Once students come out of College Campus, they have to undergo any technology certification inorder to get better placed in Job market. Recruitment companies don't want to spend on training as it cost the salary for the new joiners, salary for the person to give training, infra structure, resources etc., so in order to reduce the cost, they are looking for trained candidates from training Institute. Since Appin Coimbatore has good rapport with recruitment companies, we are easily giving Interviews to students. Job search is an art. You will get job if approached in planned manner. Starting from content in Resume to coming out of Interview cabin is a systematic approach. Self analyze and Career guidance will make sure your going in the right direction.

In General, Degree + Training = Job

Get Trained and Get Placed.

Each technology has its own merits and is wanted in most of the companies. Either you decide on the technology which suits for you or feel free to approach us for getting free career guidance.