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Full Stack Development


What You Mean Full Stack

Full Stack Developers are developers that design complete apps and websites. These developers work on all facets of development, from frontend, to backend, to database and even debugging and testing.

In short, the developer must understand the app through and through. Frontend developers are more sought after because of their expertise of not in one but multiple technologies. They can handle all aspects of development, and it can result in a more seamlessly created product.

However, resources to become a Full Stack Developer are limited and only offer sections or just random technologies that you must learn and combine on your own. So, we introduced this course that compiles all technologies in perfect sync to help developers transition from a simple developer to become a Full Stack Developer.

What you'll learn



AJAX - Home , AJAX - What is AJAX?, AJAX - Technologies, AJAX - Examples, AJAX - Browser Support, AJAX - Action, AJAX - XMLHttpRequest, AJAX - Database Operations, AJAX - Security, AJAX - Issues.

Angular Material

Angular Material - Overview, Environment Setup, Angular Material - Autocomplete, Angular Material - Bottom Sheet, Angular Material - Cards, Angular Material - Widgets, Angular Material - Layouts, Angular Material - Inputs, Angular Material - Icons, Angular Material - Grids, Angular Material - SideNav, Angular Material - Fab Speed Dial, Angular Material - Subheaders, Angular Material - Swipe, Angular Material - Switches, Angular Material - Themes, Angular Material - Toasts, Angular Material - Typography, Angular Material - Virtual Repeat, Angular Material - WhiteFrame.

Angular 2

Angular 2 - Home, Angular 2 - Overview, Angular 2 - Environmentm Angular 2 - Hello World, Angular 2 - Modules, Angular 2 - Architecture, Angular 2 - Components, Angular 2 - Templates, Angular 2 - Directives, Angular 2 - Metadata, Angular 2 - Data Binding, CRUD Operations Using HTTP, Angular 2 - Error Handling, Angular 2 - Routing, Angular 2 - Navigation, Angular 2 - Forms, Angular 2 - CLI, Angular 2 - Dependency Injection, Angular 2 - Advanced Configuration, Angular 2 - Third Party Controls, Angular 2 - Data Display, Angular 2 - Handling Events, Angular 2 - Transforming Data, Angular 2 - Custom Pipes, Angular 2 - User Input, Angular 2 - Lifecycle Hooks, Angular 2 - Nested Containers, Angular 2 - Services,

Angular 4

Angular 4 - Home, Angular 4 – Overview, Angular 4 – Environment Setup, Angular 4 – Project Setup, Angular 4 – Components, Angular 4 – Module, Angular 4 – Data Binding, Angular 4 – Event Binding, Angular 4 – Templates, Angular 4 – Directives, Angular 4 – Pipes, Angular 4 – Routing, Angular 4 – Services, Angular 4 – Http Service, Angular 4 – Forms, Angular 4 – Animations, Angular 4 – Materials, Angular 4 – CLI, Angular 4 – Examples,


AngularJS - Home, AngularJS - Overview, AngularJS - Environment Setup, AngularJS - MVC Architecture, AngularJS - First Application, AngularJS - Directives, AngularJS - Expressions, AngularJS - Controllers, AngularJS - Filters, AngularJS - Tables, AngularJS - HTML DOM, AngularJS - Modules, AngularJS - Forms, AngularJS - Includes, AngularJS - AJAX, AngularJS - Views, AngularJS - Scopes, AngularJS - Services, AngularJS - Dependency Injection, AngularJS - Custom Directives, AngularJS - Internationalization, AngularJS - ToDo Application, AngularJS - Notepad Application, AngularJS - Bootstrap Application, AngularJS - Login Application, AngularJS - Upload File, AngularJS - In-line Application, AngularJS - Nav Menu, AngularJS - Switch Menu, AngularJS - Order Form, AngularJS - Search Tab, AngularJS - Drag Application, AngularJS - Cart Application, AngularJS - Translate Application, AngularJS - Chart Application, AngularJS - Maps Application, AngularJS - Share Application, AngularJS - Weather Application, AngularJS - Timer Application, AngularJS - Leaflet Application, AngularJS - Lastfm Application,


Bootstrap - Home, Bootstrap - Overview, Bootstrap - Environment Setup, Bootstrap - Grid System, Bootstrap - CSS Overview, Bootstrap - Typography, Bootstrap - Code, Bootstrap - Tables, Bootstrap - Forms, Bootstrap - Buttons, Bootstrap - Images, Bootstrap - Helper Classes, Bootstrap - Responsive utilities, Bootstrap - Glyphicons, Bootstrap - Drop downs, Bootstrap - Button Groups, Bootstrap - Button Drop downs, Bootstrap - Input Groups, Bootstrap - Navigation Elements, Bootstrap - Navbar, Bootstrap - Breadcrumb, Bootstrap - Pagination, Bootstrap - Labels, Bootstrap - Badges, Bootstrap - Jumbotron, Bootstrap - Page Header, Bootstrap - Thumbnails, Bootstrap - Alerts, Bootstrap - Progress Bars, Bootstrap - Media Object, Bootstrap - List Group, Bootstrap - Panels, Bootstrap - Wells, Bootstrap - Plugins Overview, Bootstrap - Transition Plugin, Bootstrap - Modal Plugin, Bootstrap - Dropdown Plugin, Bootstrap - Scrollspy Plugin, Bootstrap - Tab Plugin, Bootstrap - Tooltip Plugin, Bootstrap - Popover Plugin, Bootstrap - Alert Plugin, Bootstrap - Button Plugin, Bootstrap - Collapse Plugin, Bootstrap - Carousel Plugin, Bootstrap - Affix Plugin, Bootstrap - Grid Demo, Bootstrap - Table Demo, Bootstrap - Form Demo, Bootstrap - Buttons Demo, Bootstrap - Images Demo, Bootstrap - Responsive Demo, Bootstrap - Navigation Demo, Bootstrap - Blog Demo, Bootstrap - Material Design Demo, Bootstrap - Slider Demo, Bootstrap - Time line Demo, Bootstrap - Alert Demo, Bootstrap - Admin Interface Demo, Bootstrap - Ajax Demo, Bootstrap - Tabbed slider Demo, Bootstrap - Caption Demo, Bootstrap - Map Demo, Bootstrap - Calendar Demo, Bootstrap - Social Icons Demo, Bootstrap - Icons Demo, Bootstrap - featured Demo,


CodeIgniter - Home, CodeIgniter - Overview, CodeIgniter - Installing CodeIgniter, CodeIgniter - Application Architecture, CodeIgniter - MVC Framework, CodeIgniter - Basic Concepts, CodeIgniter - Configuration, CodeIgniter - Working with Database, CodeIgniter - Libraries, CodeIgniter - Error Handling, CodeIgniter - File Uploading, CodeIgniter - Sending Email, CodeIgniter - Form Validation, CodeIgniter - Session Management, CodeIgniter - Flashdata, CodeIgniter - Tempdata, CodeIgniter - Cookie Management, CodeIgniter - Common Functions, CodeIgniter - Page Caching, CodeIgniter - Page Redirection, CodeIgniter - Application Profiling, CodeIgniter - Benchmarking, CodeIgniter - Adding JS and CSS, CodeIgniter - Internationalization, CodeIgniter - Security


cPanel - Home, cPanel - Overview, cPanel - Registering a Domain Name, cPanel - Getting Web Hosting, cPanel - Setting Up Nameserver, cPanel - Logging cPanel Dashboard, cPanel - Changing Password, cPanel - Styles, cPanel - Contact Information, cPanel - Home, cPanel - Statistics & Dashboard, cPanel - User Manager, cPanel - File Manager, cPanel - File Permissions, cPanel - Images, cPanel - Image Scaler, cPanel - Image Converter, cPanel - Directory Privacy, cPanel - Disk Usage, cPanel - FTP, cPanel - FTP Sessions, cPanel - Backup, cPanel - Backup Wizard, cPanel - MySQL Databases, cPanel - MySQL Database Wizard, cPanel - phpMyAdmin, cPanel - Remote MySQL, cPanel - Subdomains, cPanel - Aliases, cPanel - Addon Domain, cPanel - Redirect, cPanel - Simple Zone Editor, cPanel - Advance Zone Editor, cPanel - Email Accounts, cPanel - Email Forwarders, cPanel - Webmail, cPanel - MX Entry, cPanel - Autoresponders, cPanel - Track Delivery, cPanel - Email Filters, cPanel - Authentications, cPanel - Address Importer, cPanel - Encryption, cPanel - Apache Spamassassin, cPanel - Visitors, cPanel - Errors, cPanel - Bandwidth, cPanel - Webalizer, cPanel - Raw Access, cPanel - CPU and Connection Usage, cPanel - IP Blocker, cPanel - SSH/TLS, cPanel - Hotlink Protection, cPanel - Ruby on Rails, cPanel - Optimize Website, cPanel - Cron Jobs, cPanel - Track DNS, cPanel - Indexes, cPanel - Error Pages, cPanel - MIME Types, cPanel - Virus Scanner, cPanel - Softaculous Apps Installer, cPanel - Installing WordPress, cPanel - FileZilla FTP Client, cPanel - CloudFlare.

Amazon Web Service

AWS - Cloud Computing, AWS - Basic Architecture, AWS - Management Console, AWS - Console Mobile App, AWS - Account, AWS - Elastic Compute Cloud, AWS - Auto Scaling, AWS - WorkSpaces, AWS - Lambda, AWS - Virtual Private Cloud, AWS - Route 53, AWS - Direct Connect, AWS - Amazon S3, AWS - Elastic Block Store, AWS - Storage Gateway, AWS - CloudFront, AWS - Relational Database Service, AWS - DynamoDB, AWS - Redshift, AWS - Elastic MapReduce, AWS - Data Pipeline, AWS - Machine Learning, AWS - Simple WorkFlow Service, AWS - WorkMail,


CSS - Home, CSS - Introduction, CSS - Syntax, CSS - Inclusion, CSS - Measurement Units, CSS - Colors, CSS - Backgrounds, CSS - Fonts, CSS - Text, CSS - Images, CSS - Links, CSS - Tables, CSS - Borders, CSS - Margins, CSS - Lists, CSS - Padding, CSS - Cursors, CSS - Outlines, CSS - Dimension, CSS - Scrollbars, CSS - Visibility, CSS - Positioning, CSS - Layers, CSS - Pseudo Classes, CSS - Pseudo Elements, CSS - @ Rules, CSS - Text Effects, CSS - Media Types, CSS - Paged Media, CSS - Aural Media, CSS - Printing, CSS - Layouts, CSS - Validations, CSS3 - Tutorial, CSS3 - Rounded Corner, CSS3 - Border Images, CSS3 - Multi Background, CSS3 - Color, CSS3 - Gradients, CSS3 - Shadow, CSS3 - Text, CSS3 - Web font, CSS3 - 2d transform, CSS3 - 3d transform, CSS3 - Animation, CSS3 - Multi columns, CSS3 - User Interface, CSS3 - Box Sizing, CSS - Responsive Web Design, CSS - Questions and Answers, CSS - Quick Guide, CSS - References, CSS - Color References, CSS - Web browser References, CSS - Web safe fonts, CSS - Units, CSS - Animation, CSS - PX to EM converter, CSS - Color Chooser & Animation, CSS - Buttons , CSS - Buttons - Home, CSS - Buttons - Overview, CSS - Buttons - bttn.css Usage, CSS - Buttons - Pushy Buttons Usage, CSS - Buttons - btns.css Usage Buttons, CSS - Buttons - Social Buttons Usage, Social Buttons Available Styles, CSS Buttons - Beautons Usage.


Django - Home, Django - Basics, Django - Overview,, Django - Environment, Django - Creating a Project, Django - Apps Life Cycle, Django - Admin Interface, Django - Creating Views, Django - URL Mapping, Django - Template System, Django - Models, Django - Page Redirection, Django - Sending E-mails, Django - Generic Views, Django - Form Processing, Django - File Uploading, Django - Apache Setup, Django - Cookies Handling, Django - Sessions, Django - Caching, Django - Comments, Django - RSS, Django - AJAX.


Home, Overview, Installation, Architecture, Main Menu, Blocks & Regions, Themes & Layouts, Front Page, Static Pages, Create Blog, Create Articles, Create Pages, Create Content, Modify Content, Delete Content, Publish Content, Menu Management, Taxonomies, Comments, User Management, Optimization, Site Backup, Site Upgrade, Announcements, URL Alias, Site Search, Error Handling, Multilingual Content, Triggers & Actions, Social Networking, Internationalization, Extensions, Default Modules, Pane Module, Book Module, Aggregator Module, Contact Module, Form Module, Poll Module, Site Security, Setup Shopping Cart, Create Products, Create Categories, Setup Taxes, Setup Discounts, Receive Donations, Setup Shipping, Setup Payments, Invoice Generation, Email Notifications, Order History.


Home, Overview, Environment Setup, Data, Arrays, Write Data, Write List Data, Write Transactional Data, Read Data, Event Types, Detaching Callbacks, Queries, Filtering Data, Best Practices, Email Authentication, Google Authentication, Facebook Authentication, Twitter Authentication, Github Authentication, Anonymous Authentication, Offline Capabilities, Security, Deploying.

Google Map

Types, zoom, Localization, UI Controls, Markers, Shapes, Info Window, Symbols, Events.


Home, Overview, Basic Tags, Elements, Attributes, Formatting, Phrase Tags, Meta Tags, Comments, Images, Tables, Lists, Text Links, Image Links, Email Links, Frames, Iframes, Blocks, Backgrounds, Colors, Fonts, Forms, Embed Multimedia, Marquees, Header, Style Sheet, Javascript, Layouts, Tags Reference, Attributes Reference, Events Reference, Fonts Reference, ASCII Codes, ASCII Table Lookup, Color Names, Entities, Fonts Ref, Events Ref, MIME Media Types, URL Encoding, Language ISO Codes, Character Encodings, Deprecated Tags.


Home, Overview, Syntax, Attributes, Events, Web Forms 2.0, SVG, MathML, Web Storage, Web SQL, Server-Sent Events, WebSocket, Canvas, Audio & Video, Geolocation, Microdata, Drag & drop, Web Workers, IndexedDB, Web Messaging, Web CORS, Web RTC, Web Storage, Server Sent Events, Canvas, Audio Players, Video Players, Geo-Location, Drag and Drop, Web Worker, Web slide Desk, SVG Generator, MathML, Velocity Draw, QR Code, Validation, Modernizr, Validation, Online Editor, Color Code Builder.


Parameters, Messages, Requests, Responses, Methods, Status Codes, Header Fields, Caching, URL Encoding, Security, Message.


Syntax, Enabling, Placement, Variables, Operators, If...Else, Switch Case, While Loop, For Loop,, Loop Control, Functions, Events, Cookies, Page Redirect, Dialog Boxes, Void Keyword, Page Printing, Objects, Number, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Date, Math, RegExp, HTML DOM, Error Handling, Validations, Animation, Multimedia, Debugging, Image Map, Browsers.


Installation, Architecture, Control Panel, Toolbar, Menus Menu, Content Menu, Components Menu, Extensions Menu, Help Menu, Create Menus, Adding Menu Items, Modify Menu Items, Creating Submenus, Create Modules, Breadcrumb Module, Feed Display Module, Footer Module, Latest News Module, Search Module, Random Image Module, Who's Online Module, Syndicate Module, Donation Module, System Settings, Media Settings, Language Manager, Private Messages, Mass Emailing, Cache Management, Users Setting, Debug, Template Manager, Customize Template, Adding Template, Creating Template, Customize Logo, Category Management, Adding Content, Formatting Content, Article Metadata, Adding Banners, Adding Contacts, Adding News Feed, Adding Forum, Adding Web Links, Plugin Manager, Extension Manager, Website Backup, Website SEO.


Basics, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing, CSS , DOM, Events, AJAX, Effects, Interactions, Widgets, Theming, Utilities, Plugins, PagePiling.js, Flickerplate.js, Multiscroll.js, Slidebar.js, Rowgrid.js, Alertify.js, Progressbar.js, Slideshow.js, Drawsvg.js, Tagsort.js, LogosDistort.js, Filer.js, Whatsnearby.js, Checkout.js, Blockrain.js, Producttour.js, Megadropdown.js, Weather.js.

JQuery UI

Environment Setup, Draggable, Droppable, Resizable, Selectable, Sortable, Accordion, Autocomplete, Button, Datepicker, Dialog, Menu, Progressbar, Slider, Spinner, Tabs, Tooltip, Add Class, Color Animation, Effect, Hide, Remove Class, Show, Switch Class, Toggle, Toggle Class, Position, Widget Factory.


Environment Setup, Architecture, Life Cycle, First Application, Managed Beans, Page Navigation, Basic Tags, Facelet Tags, Convertor Tags, Validator Tags, DataTable, Composite Components, Ajax, Event Handling, JDBC Integration, Spring Integration, Expression Language, Internationalization.


Installation, Application Structure, Configuration, Routing, Middleware, Controllers, Request, Cookie, Response, Views, Redirections, Working With Database, Errors & Logging, Forms, Localization, Session, Validation, File Uploading, Sending Email, Ajax, Error Handling, Event Handling, Facades, Security.

MVC Framework

Architecture, ASP.NET Forms, First Application, Folders, Models, Controllers, Views, Layouts, Routing Engine, Action Filters, Advanced Example, Ajax Support, Bundling, Exception Handling.


Environment Setup, First Application, Resources, Messages, Addressing, Methods, Statelessness, Caching, Security, Java (JAX-RS).


Installation, Dashboard, General Setting, Writing Setting, Reading Setting, Discussion Setting, Media Setting, Permalink Setting, Plugin Setting, Add Category, Edit Category, Delete Category, Arrange Categories, Add Posts, Edit Posts, Delete Posts, Preview Posts, Publish Posts, Media Library, Add Media, Insert Media, Edit Media, Add Pages, Publish Pages, Edit Pages, Delete Pages, Add Tags, Edit Tags, Delete Tags, Add Links, Edit Links, Delete Links, Add Comments, Edit Comments, Moderate Comments, View Plugins, Install Plugins, Customize Plugins, User Roles, Add Users, User Photo, Edit Users, Delete Users, Personal Profile, Theme Management, Customize Theme, Widget Management, Background, Host Transfer, Version Update, Spam Protection, Backup & Restore, Optimization, Reset Password.

Yii - Framework

Installation, Create Page, Application Structure, Entry Scripts, Controllers, Using Controllers, Using Actions, Models, Widgets, Modules, Views, Layouts, Assets, Asset Conversion, Extensions, Creating Extensions, HTTP Requests, Responses, URL Formats, URL Routing, Rules of URL, HTML Forms, Validation, Ad Hoc Validation, AJAX Validation, Sessions, Using Flash Data, Cookies, Using Cookies, Files Upload, Formatting, Pagination, Sorting, Properties, Data Providers, Data Widgets, ListView Widget, GridView Widget, Events, Creating Event, Behaviors, Creating a Behavior, Configurations, Dependency Injection, Database Access, Data Access Objects, Query Builder, Active Record, Database Migration, Theming, RESTful APIs, RESTful APIs in Action, Fields, Testing, Caching, Fragment Caching, Aliases, Logging, Error Handling, Authentication, Authorization, Localization, Gii, Gii – Creating a Model, Gii – Generating Controller, Gii – Generating Module.


Environment Setup, Architecture, Application Components, Hello World Example, Resources, Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, Fragments, Intents/Filters , UI Layouts, UI Controls, Event Handling, Styles and Themes, Custom Components, Drag and Drop, Notifications, Location Based Services, Sending Email, Sending SMS, Phone Calls, Publishing Android Application, Alert Dialoges, Animations, Audio Capture, AudioManager, Auto Complete, Best Practices, Bluetooth, Camera, Clipboard, Custom Fonts, Data Backup, Developer Tools, Emulator, Facebook Integration, Gestures, Google Maps, Image Effects, ImageSwitcher, Internal Storage, JetPlayer, JSON Parser, Linkedin Integration, Loading Spinner, Localization, Login Screen, MediaPlayer, Multitouch, Navigation, Network Connection, NFC Guide, PHP/MySQL, Progress Circle, ProgressBar, Push Notification, RenderScript, RSS Reader, Screen Cast, SDK Manager, Sensors, Session Management, Shared Preferences, SIP Protocol, Spelling Checker, SQLite Database, Support Library, Testing, Text to Speech, TextureView, Twitter Integration, UI Design, UI Patterns, UI Testing, WebView Layout, Wi-Fi, Widgets, XML Parsers.


Home, Overview, Environment Setup, App Contents, App Compilation.


Environment Setup, First Application, Config.xml File, Storage, Events, Back Button, Plugman, Battery Status, Camera, Contacts, Device, Accelerometer, Device Orientation, Dialogs, File System, File Transfer, Geolocation, Globalization, InAppBrowser, Media, Media Capture, Network Information, Splash Screen, Vibration, Whitelist, Best Practices.

Mobile testing

Platforms, Device Types, Native Vs Hybrid Vs Mobileweb, Device Vs Application, Emulator Vs Simulator, Application, UI, Planning & Tools, Hardware Perspective, Mobile Device Testing - Types, Framework Overview, Android Frameworks, IOS Frameworks, Robotium Framework, Selendroid Framework, Appium Framework, Zucchini Framework.


Basic Concepts, Environment Setup, Life Cycle, Create Operation, Clone Operation, Perform Changes, Review Changes, Commit Changes Push Operation Update Operation Stash Operation Move Operation Rename Operation Delete Operation Fix Mistakes Tag Operation Patch Operation Managing Branches Handling Conflicts Different Platforms Online Repositories

Amazon Marketplace

Why Amazon?, The Amazon Advantage, Types of Account, Amazon Marketplace - What to Sell?, Product Listing, Amazon Marketplace - Fees, Account Setting, Amazon Marketplace - Buy Box, Shipping Methods, Listing a New Product, Amazon Marketplace - Pricing Tools, Get Highest Profit, Price Calculator, Amazon Marketplace - Tax Handling, Shipping Process, Amazon Marketplace - Seller Central, Managing The Inventory, Creating Reports, Managing Reviews, Your Amazon Rating, Selling in Bulk, Best Practices, Troubleshooting Problems, Important Terms.

A/B Testing

How it Works, Why to Use?, What to Test?, Process, Collect Data, Identify Goals, Create Variations, Run Experiment, Analyze Results, Tools, Multivariate, SEO.

Content Marketing

Target Customer, Content Creation, Media Channels, Editorial Calendar, Style Guide, Basic Tools, Challenges, Tracking Success, Blogs, Lifecycle Emails, eNewsletters, WhitePapers, Case Studies, eBooks, Digital Magazine, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Podcasts, Webinars, Infographics, Articles, Press Releases, Social Media, Examples, Web Resources.


Basics, Understanding Your Customers, Goals Setting, Myths, Plans, User Experience and Funnel, Landing Page, Reducing Bounce & Exit Rates, Testing, Measuring Results, Tips, Conclusion.

Digital Marketing

SEO, Social Media, Content, Email, Mobile, Pay Per Click, CRO, Web Analytics, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google Adwords, Google Analytics.

E-Mail Marketing

Mailing List, Organizing the Mailing List, HTML and Text Emails, Newsletters, Announcements, Event Invitation, Content, Landing Pages, Spam Compliance, How to avoiding Spamming?, Avoid Being Blacklisted, Service Providers, Automation, Metrics, Follow UPS, Tips.

Facebook marketing

Profile Page Setup, Page Navigation, Ad Options, Ad Management, Page Promotion, Personal Branding, Identify Targets, Quality Posts, Post Frequency, Likes Philosophy, Create Fans, Engaging Fans, Call-to-Action, Video Promotion, Marketing Tricks, A/B Testing, Analytics.

Google + Marketing

Business Page Setting, Creating a New Account, Navigating Through Google Plus, Adding Business Details, Uploading Profile Picture, Adding a Cover Picture, Circles, Communities, Hangouts, Events, Uploading a Post, Editing a Post, Deleting a Post, Resharing a Post, Reporting a Post, Foster User Engagement, Checking Notifications, Adding Managers, Notification Settings, Circle Settings, Photo & Video Settings, Profile Settings, Deleting an Account, Insights, Optimizing a Page, Claiming Vanity URL, +Post Ads, Badges, Creating a Badge, Connecting With YouTube, Social Linking.

instagram Marketing

Business Strategy, Installation and Signup, Posting and Engaging, Instagram Mrktng - Activity Review, Fine Tuning Content, Instagram Marketing - Tools & Apps, Integrate with other Platforms, Instagram Mrktng - Analytics Tools.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Technology & Reach, Mobile Marketing Strategies, Mobile Marketing Policies, SMS Campaign, Mobile Website Marketing Strategies, Mobile Apps Marketing Strategies, Mobile Advertising Ecosystem, Mobile Social Media Marketing, Mobile E-Mail Marketing, M-Commerce, Understanding Mobile Users, Return on Investment.


12 Months
Regular batches: Monday – Friday – 2 hrs per day
Weekend Batches: Saturday / Sunday – 5 hrs per day

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Project Done By Students

S.NoStudent NameTechnology UsedProject Title
1. Sidharth PHP
2. Praveena PHP
3. Mohan Balaji PHP
4. Preethi PHP
5. Vimalraj PHP
6. Suresh PHP
7. Anitha PHP
8. Gajendran PHP
9. Santhosh Kumar PHP
10. Mentor-Boopathikumar Android
11. Nisha JAVA
12. Prabhadevi Rajan PHP
14. Nilafur NIsha.M PHP
15. Saranya PHP
16. Lotha PHP
17. B.Sathya Rubavathi PHP
18. Lotha PHP
19. KarthiKeyan Selvam PHP
20. S.Priyanka PHP
21. Divya PHP
22. Mohanraj PHP
23. Lakshminarayanan PHP
24. Swetha PHP
25. Siva Sakthi PHP
26. Siva Sakthi PHP
27. Radha kannan PHP
28. Radha kannan PHP
29. Kameshwaran PHP
30. Uma maheswari PHP