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Course fees Structure

Software Training Course Fees

Appin Technology, Coimbatore happy to introduce 1st time in India – Learning As A Service (LAAS). learn as many courses or as many modules you want without any restrictions. You can stay 1 hr, 2hrs or full day in our office and gain maximum knowledge. You need to bring your laptop as Appin teaching methodology is Project Based Training. We give you certifications based on the course completion and also interviews for graduates.

Below is the course available and fees for Students and Graduates.

Appin LAAS Course Fee



Rs 12899

Rs 19899  

Courses Available

Courses Available

Core Android

Mobile App Development - Android

Advanced Android

Web Development - PHP/MySQL

Google Play Store Publishing

Web Development - Java / J2EE

Core Java


Advanced Java

R Programming


Data Science

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

Web Design

Programming Using C,C++

Full Stack Development


Angular JS

Data Structures

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

Database Management Systems


StartUp India Guidance

Rs 19899


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R Programming

React - Overview


How to Use Github - Overview


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundation


Machine Learning Foundation


Artificial Intelligence Foundation


Internet of Things – IoT


C Panel / Web Hosting


Game Programming


Big data & Analytics




Software Testing


Angular JS




Laravel Framework


XML Technologies


Web Design


Selenium Testing


Mongo DB




Graphic Design


UI Design


Agile Project Methodology


Data Mining




Rs 12899


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