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  • Ethical Hacking

    Appin Technology Coimbatore conducts Information Security training. Now a day's Information security technology is highly adapted by all the IT companies.

  • Embedded Design

    An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing.

  • Java Training

    Java is an object-oriented programming language (OOP) for Web browsers. It is organized around data rather than actions. Java is used for both server.

  • PHP Training

    PHP a recursive acronym for "PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor" is a widely-used Open source general-purpose scripting language for creating dynamic.

  • Digital Marketing

    We all have heard about the online reputation and digital marketing, but are not exactly aware about the importance of its role; it plays in building.

  • Network Training (CCNA)

    A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data. In computer networks,

  • Web Design Training

    Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The term web design,

  • Android Apps Training

    Android is the operating system that powers more than one billion smartphones and tablets. Since these devices make our lives so sweet,

Ethical Hacking

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Students Feedback

Training was so good and I had a good knowledge in security and had practical knowledge in breaking the secure thing and encrypting, decrypting the things. This training period in very helpful and worked out through phishing, sniffing and spoofing this course in very useful and it's a different platform. Psg College of Arts & Science
K. Arul Mani

I completed UG BE ECE. After I join an appin technology lab. My trainer gobi and balaji sir both teaching good I learn so much about embedded in appin all the experiments are practically done laboratory . So I can easily for pic microcontroller .thank u appin

I am Sakthivel M have studied my course Networking CCNA in appin technology. It is one of the best training centres. My faculty done his best for our course. He is best in all his classes. The atmosphere of appin is very cool and nice for doing course because of my faculty only I studied well. He taught us very nice. Best place for doing course.

Myself Deepthipriya, I attended 6 weeks level-II classes were good and I learnt well, I gained much practical knowledge through my trainer. A lot of thanks to my trainer and appin technology lab.

I have written this letter so that I might be able to thank you for your services in educating me regarding embedded system (8051). My faculty Mr. Gopi Sir has always instilled his thoughts and foresight in my view and scrambled thoughts regarding embedding electronics products and helped me gain better and useful base for my future. using the knowledge I gained here I have designed a paddle shifter for a formula -3 type student racing event called supra and have also qualified after technical sessions for the main event. In all this I've had sincere efforts and help from my staff Gopi Sir.
P.Amarnath Balaji

Thank u sooooo much appin.....(the diploma course in Information security) helped me so much in getting placed.....Yes Iam placed in CTS...........
Posted by Suriya Narayanan